‘Over for Arthur’

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur’s days as St. Peter MP are numbered.

Senator Haynesley Benn, his cousin and political rival in the northern constituency they grew up in together, made that assertion yesterday.

“I ran against him last election and I intend to beat him this time coming,” Benn said last evening.

The Minister of Commerce and Trade, who was the unsuccessful Democratic Labour Party candidate in the 2008 general election, was speaking at a DLP St. Peter branch meeting at the Alexandra School.

Arthur has represented St. Peter in the House of Assembly since 1984.

Benn noted that he had broken a promise made to his mother that in the interest of the family he “would not run” against Arthur.

But he said all this changed during the 2001 St. Thomas by election after Arthur made statements about him. The minister said despite representing St. Peter for 28 years the constituency had not progressed as much as it should, and he said the MP lack of adequate representation was a major reason for this.

This, he noted, was despite the fact that Arthur was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance between 1994 and 2008.

“He (Arthur) does not take responsibility for this constituency, he attends nothing in this constituency and that is why I have been called upon to bear the brunt, opening my branch office every day and every Saturday coming down here after I have done my morning chores and spending the rest of the day in my branch office until the last person leaves,” Benn stated. (SC)

One Response to ‘Over for Arthur’

  1. Jennifer Brandish November 22, 2012 at 12:38 am

    Bare the brunt ! what brunt! bare talk, could not even carry the fight to the African Snails , they are still eating and laughing, talk all your life about agriculture and the H,H, H, H.

    Ain’t even make a dent wid agriculture and still talking.

    Go to St .John and see development.


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