Violence not the answer

The last couple of Barbados Today publications that I have read, including two of them back to back, carried stories about shootings in “the Orleans”.

What I am about to say is not only directed to, or at the gunslingers in the Orleans, but to everyone in Barbados who thinks that shooting another person is the answer to any problem.

If you have an issue with another person, using a gun isn’t the answer to the problem.

That can be the coward’s way out. Back in the day when people had problems with each other, they used their fist, or took the person to court. If you think going to court makes you less than a man, think about when you go to court for shooting someone.

Think also about being in a hospital bed for days not knowing if you will make it, and if you do, that you might be cripple for life. Think of the outcome for using the gun, being found guilty and being sent to jail.

Stop the madness! Barbados is much too small for all the violence toward each other. If you continue at this rate shooting each other, you are going to scare the people away that you are depending on for the Barbados’ economic growth — the tourists.

Some of you who are using these guns don’t even really know how to use a gun in the first place. So you are endangering the lives of innocent people whenever you decide to use that gun to resolve your differences.

Has it ever dawned on you that when you pull that gun out and shoot another person, or persons and they die you must be ready to deal with the consequences of your actions?

You feel that you are making a name for yourself by killing or putting someone in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives?

I’ve seen so many people, both male and female, in wheelchairs from shootings. Some were even shot wrongly.

What give you the right to take a life if you can’t give a life? There has to be a better way than using a gun. This isn’t like in the movies when people get shot. This is for real!

Barbados is too small to be the wild, wild west. Wise up and deal with your differences in another way.

May you all live to see many more Independence Days.

— Charles Cadogan

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