Reading, a must

These children were fascinated with the tools associated with Nigel Jones’ job.

Regardless of one’s station in life, reading is a must.

From the lawmakers in Parliament to doctors who save lives; and from the sanitation workers who ensure that Barbadians live in a clean society to the person pumping your gas so others can make it to work, school or their other destinations.

Without having the ability to read you were unable to function properly in the world. These were the words of advice given to the pupils of the St. Christopher Primary School recently as they celebrated their annual Reading Week.

The children were paid a special visit by three former students of the St. Christopher Boys and Girls schools, Dr. Dawn Grosvenor, entrepreneur Nigel Jones and Police Constable Donovan Price, all who gave accounts of how reading had helped them in each of their endeavours. It was an interactive session and the children excitedly quizzed each of the guests about his or her career. However, the majority of questions were directed to the police officer.

He told tales of the excitement and fears associated with his job but emphasised that it entailed much more than just the action captured on television shows. He advised that his job consisted of a lot of writing. After all the action and drama was over, reports had to be written.

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