Is it worth it?

The elections in the United States have been more interesting than any other major event in the world. I believe the only thing gathering more interest or equal is the uprisings in the Arab territories.

The latter had loss of life and limbs and property, but with the US elections I believe life and limb may have been threatened if the outcome was not what we in the Caribbean longed to hear, which was the reelection of Barrack Obama is.

I would like to think that every Caribbean person or almost all wanted Obama back. Whether they saw him as the best person or whether the yjust wanted to see history continued with the first African American leader getting another term.

What I found very interesting is the large sums of cash spent on individual campaigns. The one that had me was the co-founder of WWE Linda McMahon. This is the second time she was trying to get in the senate and failed miserably after spending close to, if not more than, US$50 million.

News is that this is her personal money or most of it was the first time out in 2010 spending US$42 million out of her piggy bank. I cannot even think of counting to that amount of money. I think a couple million would do me just fine with my average lifestyle. I would want to be using that money to better me and my family and also aid who I can when I can whether it is through creating jobs or just making a donation.

When someone is spending more than US $50 million at a time just to be in a senate and help make decisions, whether good or bad, I have issues with that. I think the odds of winning an electoral race is like playing a lottery. Everyone believes they will win. When results come back, hearts and bank accounts are broken.

When you think that they are millions of starving people in the world, or let’s go closer to the goons and say the many homeless and starving in the US and people can spend that amount of money to wear the title of senator, I have to say “wow!”

Is it really worth it at all? Where is all this money in a nation going through recession coming from?

I must say we here coughed and hissed at the near $600,000 spent to decide Jeff Broomes’ fate and the other amount spent on the sprucing up for the last royal visit, but that is a tea party compared to the spending of these magnates. I am really in the wrong business.

Donations are made to many candidates in the millions, and the total spend this time around is over $6 billion. Does anyone ever count that far for real? I honestly believe I need to become a politician some time soon if these kinds of funds are going to be thrown around.

The spin to it all is the promises that had to be signed to by candidates. What is there in return for this money I am shelling out to and for your campaign? I am only guessing here but I figure similar happens here at home.

I may joke about the political future I need to develop one day but if I ever did I need to have a very popular running mate or backing of some major name. Right now the most popular names in Barbados must be Lil’ Rick and RPB, but I am not sure if they will be interested. I would have help in getting the younger votes with Rick for sure. My campaign slogan would be “Like Yuhself!” I surely will have a run with that.

RPB, on the other hand, will pull in the over 40 voters and “Something’s Happening” will be my slogan. The only problem is raising the money for the campaign. Where will it come from?

These days one cannot go into an electoral campaign and expect to win it without spending big, it appears. Obama, Mitt Romney and the whole lot did. To do it and lose is what I am concerned about and having people who could have been better off if they only had a percentage of that cash to feed their families.

I find it a bit sinful but who am I to talk about sin. I can get bothered all I want about the huge amounts of money spent, the fact remains it wasn’t spent to house or feed or educate but to try to win a seat in a senate or even much greater, the US President.

Congrats to Obama and his family and his team. Let us see how the next four years will be for him and the US economy. Its growth benefits us here one way or the other. They cough and we catch the flu.

I am waiting to see what will happen here for our elections when they do come. The PM must feel some relief knowing that even though the people were a bit frustrated with Obama they stuck with him. Maybe the same will happen here and we will see a second term for the DLP.

Will it come down to spending power? Where will the large sums come from this time around? I guess we will see who has a shoe box buried in the backyard to help run their campaign, but we can be sure it wouldn’t be anywhere near Linda McMahon’s US$50 million she spent this time.

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