Full steam ahead

Ambassadors Leslie-Ann and Kristoffer speaking to class 4 at Ellerton.

The St. George Parish ambassadors are rolling full steam ahead with their parish project.

Next Saturday, November 17, they as well as the other 10 parish ambassadors, will give a report of the parish projects at the annual Spirit of the Nation Gala but, win or not, they intend to continue “pushing”.

This was the declaration of Chairperson of the St. George Independence Committee, Paula Harris, when she spoke with Barbados TODAY this evening.

This year their project was based on highlighting the unsung heroes of St. George: James Sisnett, Lincoln Crawford, Ronald Suki King, Floyd Reifer, Winston Thorne and Charles Miller.

Throughout the year they have held many activities to promote the project, among them was a church service and monument unveiling in September. Tomorrow, November 10, a heroes board depicting the faces of the six heroes will erected at the junction of Salters and Haggatt Hall in St. Michael.

But of all the activities, the dearest was the launching of the mascot, Hearty the Heart.

Their theme is Good At Heart And We Pumping and as well as educating residents on how to eat healthy and lead a healthy life, Hearty helped them to grow closer to the children in the parish.

He, along with the ambassadors, visited the various primary schools in the parish to teach the young ones about people who would have played a key role in their lives, but with whom they may not be familiar.

They also organised an Independence quiz for the parish, which was won by St. Luke’s Brighton, and a Bristol board challenge which Cuthbert Moore Primary School won.

Harris said that while the children were not familiar with a few of the heroes, they were very excited and enthused to learn about them.

“The heroes they knew about were the National Heroes so we took the information to the schools so that they would know more about what they did for the improvement of St. George,” she added. (KC)

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