Awarding excellence

A cross section of the awardees as they proudly display their awards

The St. Lucy Parish Independence Committee ended their 2012 “Parish Project Builders of Our Communities – Pillars of Our Progress” on October 20 with the “Miss Lucy Community Awards of Excellence”.

The award ceremony was held at the Phillipi Gospel Assembly Church, Josey Hill amidst plenty of pomp and pageantry.

The evening saw the committee recognising and honouring their 2012 trailblazers in the areas of health, religion, education, agriculture and sports. Those honoured were Elkins Leroy “Roy” Ward (agriculture), Cameron Boyce (religion); Dorothy Boyce (deceased) along with Shirley London- Forte (health), Doriel King (education) and Kerry “TC” Francis (sports).

In addition, the Half Moon Fort Primary School won the Schools’ Project of the Year Award under the theme, “My School Has Unsung Heroes Too”. The awardees in these categories each received a special edition pottery item made by the Earth and Fire Pottery, the lone pottery in the parish, located at Connelltown.

In an effort to sustain this project even after this year, several institutions across the parish and island where presented with photographs of the six trailblazers. These included, but were not limited to, the St. John Ambulance Association of Barbados (the Dorothy Boyce photograph for her 44 years of service to the organisation), the St. Lucy District Hospital (the Shirley London-Forte photograph a former nurse at the institution), the Barbados Dairy Industries/Pine Hill Dairy (the Roy Ward photograph, the first milk received by this organisation in 1966, came from his dairy farm).

Special mention must be made of the wood work students of the St. Lucy Secondary School. These students, under the guidance of teacher Noland Burnett designed and made the very unique picture frames.

In addition to the six trailblazers, 50 unsung heroes were also recognised and awarded during the course of the project. These persons were then grouped into the discipline of each “Trailblazers” and on the evening the winners in each category were awarded “The Trailblazer Medal of Excellence. The respective winners were:

* Shirley London-Forte Medal (Health) – Monica Edwards (Pie Corner)

* Elkins Leroy Ward Medal (Agriculture) – Sylvia Sobers (Checker Hall)

* Doriel King Medal (Education) – Gladwin Greaves (Hope Road)

* Kerry Francis Medal (Sports) – Shakera Reece (Greenidges)

* Cameron Boyce Medal (Religion) – Bishop Marcus Hinds (Pie Corner)

* Dorothy Boyce medal (Extra Ordinary) – Ethelda Griffith (Crab Hill) and brothers Randolph and Winston Griffith (Hope Road).

Highlights of the evening included the launching of the Dorothy “Dor Dor” Boyce Charity by the Project Committee. A gift basket of toiletries for the residents of the St. Lucy District Hospital was presented to the Acting Principal Nursing Officer. In addition to volunteering with the St. John Ambulance Association, Boyce volunteered at the district hospital for 40 years as well.

This was followed by the “Lifetime Unsung Hero Achievement Award of Excellence” which was presented to the Headley Family from Durhams for their contributions to Community Building. The family has been involved through three generations 1949 to present in religion (Phillipi Gospel Assembly) in Josey Hill, a village shop (Durhams) and a vegetable mobile van operation. The church, the shop and van were all started by Naomi and Theophilus Broomes, the grandparents of the Pastor David Headley of the Phillipi Gospel Assembly.

A selection of talented youth from within the parish serenaded the trailblazers and the unsung heroes during the evening. They included students Daniel Lashley, Amoura Boyce (granddaughter of trailblazer Dorothy Boyce), the Ignatius Byer Primary and the St. Lucy Secondary School Choirs. The master of ceremonies for the evening was treasurer of the committee, Peter Phillips. The coordinator of the event was Pedro Cumberbatch.

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