Praise for US president

President Obama should be praised for his resounding and historic re-election victory. He won by executing a campaign with surgical precision – even better than in 2008.

He segmented the electorate – their preferences, how they like to receive their information, best time of day to reach them – the kind of tactics marketing professionals use. He also knew saving the auto industry in Ohio would have been key to his re-election, as well as passing legislation to benefit gays in the military and women, and giving undocumented Hispanic children a lifeline.

In an economic environment where unemployment is at 7.9 per cent, Obama has been successful against all odds. He won against a divided Republican-controlled Congress whose sole objective was to frustrate his presidency and do everything to make him a one-term president.

Changing diversity

The Republicans have failed to take into account the changing diversity and demographics of the United States. It cannot be business as usual and win with traditional white voters in middle America. They are fast losing “red” states like Colorado, Wisconsin, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

The US is a changing and more secular society – fewer people go to church, fewer unmarried, women demanding more of their politicians, Hispanics and Asians fast increasing their numbers, youth enfranchisement and empowerment, and gays feeling more accepted.

Donald Trump has been calling for President Obama to release his college records. He finally did yesterday – all 303 from the Electoral College. When “Florida College” is finish counting, if they ever, they too will release 29 more. They can continue counting until inauguration day.

What we see playing out in Florida is designed to place the country in an electoral crisis all over again, but they lose this time. Obama is much smarter — winning by a wide margin that makes Florida votes unnecessary and irrelevant.

Maybe they can finally call him “President Obama”.

— Carl Harper

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