Obama win brings new hope

I would like to congratulate President Barack Obama and the centre left political movement in the United States for fighting a battle and defeating the centre right political movement and the reactionary media.

President Obama and the Democratic Party can now develop a programme for the poor people in North America from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. President Obama, you also have an opportunity to develop a new trading programme for the Americas that will respect small developing countries in the Americas.

The People of the Americas look forward to your government removing the political and economic embargo against the Republic of Cuba and the releasing of the Cuban Five in American prisons.

The people of the Americas are in a better political and economic position with the return of the president of Venezuela and the president of the US.

With this trend in the Americas I look forward to the people of Barbados returning the Prime Minister of Barbados and the defeating the BLP plans to privatise the social services in Barbados.

I look forward for a better Americas for the poor and the powerless with the defeat of the privatisation leadership in our region.

— David Denny

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