Support counts

In watching the elections last night, honestly I was a little worried that President Barack Obama would not be returned to office. I take this opportunity to say congratulations to President Obama and his administration for being elected to another term in office.

One thing I respect about the United States is their freedom of speech without fear of victimisation. Here in Barbados we are not that lucky. Whenever anyone speaks out about something that is not seen as popular, they are victimised. We live in a place where it is not what you have it is who you know.

When will this stop? Should someone have to go to a particular school to be able to get a particular job? Should someone not be awarded the same opportunities as others just because they may not have come from a wealthier background?

With so many Barbadians out of jobs, this is the climate where entrepreneurs will be born. Many will realise their talents and begin to use them to make money. They are so many talented Barbadians out there and if given an opportunity will do very well. In saying this because of the mentality of some of us, the reality is some may not support these entrepreneurs. We will continue to give the bigger companies our support and leave out the small businessman.

Why should places like the Pelican Craft Centre be only seen as a tourist attraction? Have you ever really been down there to see what these talented Barbadians have to offer? If there isn’t a cruise ship in the port, down there is like a ghost town. We as a people need to realise we need to support each other if we are to get out of this economic recession. We have to stop this crab-in-a-bucket mentality and truly begin to lend a helping hand. Have you ever seen crabs in a bucket? When one tries to get out of the bucket the other pulls it down instead of working together to get out. Sorry to say we in Barbados are like that, we never support our own.

For the month of November to the first two weeks in December the Miss Big & Beautiful Organisation will be having Operation Give Back. We will be asking persons to donate children-friendly books which will be given to a school and clothes that will be given to persons who are in need.

In these hard economic times we need to help each other. Some persons are really finding it hard to cope in Barbados at this time and we need to show our support as we never know when we may be in a similar situation and may need help as well. Justice Thurgood Marshall once stated: “None of us have gotten where we are by pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped us.” Have a wonderful week ahead!!

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