Stop the PSV madness

I have been travelling along the west coast quite frequently both in my car and in minibuses to observe and dissect Speightstown/Bridgetown minibus route. They are now in the habit of dragging to solicit customers, to create a traffic flow and or barrier so as to edge out the competing minibus either in front or behind the existing one.

And don’t ever think of overtaking them when the road is clear because the driver takes up three-quarters of the drive path and when they stop at the bus stops they keep the right indicator on, as though they are moving off, or they refuse to pull off in the allotted lay-by.

These guys do not care if you are late for work, on time for work or have to make a very important appointment. To throw a passenger off the bus and give them back the fare with horrible expletives says one thing – that the driver and conductor need to get out of the business. You should not be providing a service, and besides the lack of courtesy, disseminating a hail of abuse at passengers.

No! No! No!

There is still a case of loud music being played on these buses, with a containment of “wutlessness” embedded in the lyrics. The operators do not care if you are a nun, monk, Christian, Muslim or child. So with a Guinness or Mackeson in the hand of the conductor and the driver, and two or three more by the seat or in some cubby-hole and any accomplices, that is joy-riders, the road and the ride is on! The party is private even though it is public transport. There is no consideration for who is offended or affected. It’s time to stop this madness!

— D. Rico Alleyne

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