Starts with Jones

Minister of Education Ronald Jones is now parading in the media promising an “overhaul” of our island’s education system, which he has admitted has been the victim of a “laissez faire approach” by his ministry. What an indictment!

Had this same minister taken heed of and acted with any despatch and effect on the Institutional Inspection Report on Alexandra School which was in his ministry since April 2011, our nation would not have had to endure any of this entire saga. And we would have saved over half a million dollars!

Had Jones not passed the buck and turned a blind eye to what was going on at the school, we would not now be here. The ministry under Jones’ watch has been revealed to be a place of ineptitude, spinelessness and croneyism.

Jones, to put it mildly, you have been a terrible disappointment as a minister of education; much of the blame for the present shambolic state of the management of the education system lies squarely with you. There is no escaping this fact.

And now you are the very same character we are supposed to trust to oversee this “overhaul”, these “sweeping changes”? Really, now!

I read your words: “A certain moral and ethical standard has to prevail wherever people work.”

I say to you, let it start in the Ministry of Education. The “whole set of contortions and twists” you claim you saw emerging out of the current saga? Sir, those were mostly your own poses! It was the vulgar acrobatic flexibility of friendship compromising duty.

It is infuriating to hear you now blowing hard about overhauls when you were the very one who presided over much of this tragedy. Your effete mishandling of the Alexandra issue clearly emboldened and facilitated the Principal of the Alexandra School on his megalomaniacal rampage!

Sir, I put it to you, that given your abyssmal record on this issue, you are not the man for the job – in fact, you are the very last man to be entrusted with such a significant task. I would strongly advocate that any overhaul and sweeping changes start with you!

Mr Prime Minister, I hope consultation with teachers is included in any overhaul and/or reform of the system.

— Stephen Nicholls

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