Ken Gordon: It’s pure politics

Ken Gordon is dismissing Jack‚Warner’s call for his resignation

PORT OF SPAIN — Chairman of the Integrity Commission Ken Gordon is dismissing Jack Warner’s call for his resignation as “pure politics”. Gordon, declining comment on the United National‚Congress chairman’s call, noted the commission had already made a full statement three or four days ago.

In the statement, the commission explained how it ended up putting out a full-page newspaper advertisement two Tuesdays ago with a photograph of Gordon and chief secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly Orville London sitting next to each other.

The ad provoked criticism in some quarters because it came five days after London dissolved the THA for the start of the assembly elections and five days after Attorney General‚Anand Ramlogan wrote the commission over the controversial $320 million THA/Milshirv BOLT project. It was felt by some that the commission was sending a coded endorsement of the THA.

Warner, in a statement on Monday calling for Gordon’s resignation, said: “To hold on to the position (of chairman of the Integrity‚Commission) and align himself to a political party in the middle of an important election is untenable.”

Warner said the UNC saw the ad as “a deliberate act to validate Mr London and the PNM in Tobago prior to the THA elections and send the subliminal message that Mr London is clean and there is nothing to investigate”.

Gordon, contacted by the T&T Guardian, only said: “We already issued a full statement on the matter three or four days ago. What’s happening now is pure politics and I am not going to be a part of it.”

London, asked for his response yesterday, said the whole matter was unfortunate, since the incident which led to the ad was non-political.

He said about two months before the announcement of the THA elections, the commission partnered with the THA on a programme to instil integrity in young people. He said he was photographed sitting alongside Gordon at the prize-giving ceremony, which he attended in his capacity as chief secretary.

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