WICB: T20 evolving

WICB CEO Michael Muirhead.

PORT OF SPAIN – First it was Allen Stanford’s trend-setting regional Twenty20 Competition.

Then it was the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash and the Bangladesh Premier League. Now it could soon be the Caribbean Premier League.

Chief executive officer of the West Indies Cricket Board Michael Muirhead has confirmed that negotiations are on track for the staging of the inaugural Caribbean Premier League, a franchise tournament.

He said yesterday the regional T20 series in January could be replaced by the CPL.

“The negotiations are going on to bring on stream the Caribbean Premier League and this would be a franchise tournament” Muirhead said during told at a press briefing in Port-of-Spain. “The West Indies Cricket Board is negotiating the rights and after this it will be handed to a

private promoter who has shown interest in staging the league. “The regional T20 begins January 6 in Trinidad and Tobago, with the semi-finals and finals to

be played later in the month in St Lucia. “It might mean that the regional T20 cricket tournament that is now being played, might

have to be done away with” Muirhead added. “This would mean that the franchise team would now go on to represent the region at the

Champions League tournament on an annual basis.” Muirhead also suggested that there would be unity between the WICB and the West Indies

Players Association by the end of his tenure. “I think with the temperament that I possess, I will be able to bring the parties closer

together. Issues with WIPA don’t have to be contentious and at the end of my tenure I think WIPA would become a less contentious issue,” he said.

“Both bodies have to work together to get things right and it will take compromise from both ends. We will sit and negotiate fairly while achieving our own individual ideals and I am confident things would work out.”

Recently the current trial between the WIPA and WICB heard that the WICB took money from the players’ earnings instead of depositing it into the provident fund. But Muirhead stated that presently all monies were up to date in the provident fund.

“. . . Both the funds taken from the players, and the funds that the WICB puts in for them as well,” he said.

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