Loving local

Wine made from dunks and guava, That is my culture … Donkey stake out in pasture, That is my culture… (Gabby)

It’s November, the month of Independence celebrations, and across the island Bajans become emotional over things local. That no doubt would

have helped to fuel interest the in-house displays of local artefacts that can be seen at the various branches of Cave Shepherd. While these adults just had to stop to look at the set up at the Broad Street store yesterday, reports are that many children were absolutely captivated by the old record player, rotary dial telephone and Rediffusion set. and what other reaction would we expect in a world of smart phones, MP4 players and satellite radio?

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  1. Terry Brathwaite November 6, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Our Independence is now relegated to a month? so for the other eleven months in a calendar year who do we belong to? I am sorry, but I walked down Broad Street tonight and looking into the closed Cave Shepherd, I saw christmas balls, green garlands, hanging from the roof over the perfume section. I then saw ONE table with the Barbados flag next to it…is this a celebration. The poor display of lights and bunting on our Government buildings needs to be discontinued. That is more disrespectful than it is congratulatory. We as a country need to celebrate our Independence daily, in our economy, in our thoughts and actions as individuals/families/streets/neighbourhood/district/village/parish. Otherwise I ask again…to whom do we belong every other day besides November 30?


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