Ladies under canvas!

by Gail Yearwood

Programme Advisor

Over the Whitsuntide weekend 12 guiders and one young leader along with two trainers, Commissioner for Training Graceanne Crichlow and Programme Advisor, Gale Yearwood, camped out at Pax Hill, Girl Guides Headquarters.

This activity was to allow the completion of the practical aspects of the Camper/Pack Holiday and the Outdoor Cooking Certificates.

Prior to the camp, Guiders had attended a number of theoretical sessions on camp preparation, menu planning, camp budgeting and camp programmes.

During the camp, Guiders prepared a meal without the use of any cooking utensils and used the box oven to bake cakes and muffins. There was even chicken baked under a bucket!

On the Sunday afternoon, to work off some calories, Guiders took to Bridgetown for a Digital Treasure Hunt. Other fun activities included a fireless campfire and Guiders Got Talent!

In giving a review of the weekend, Guiders espoused the sense of fellowship and camaraderie which was created as well as confidence in outdoor cooking.

Congratulations Ladies!

About Specialised Certificates:

The Camper/Pack Holiday and Outdoor Cooking certificates are just two of 10 specialised certificates offered by the Training Team. These certificates are targeted at Guiders who have completed the Basic and Intermediate Training Certificates.

They assist Guiders in developing specific skills which can be used to improve activities and programmes at the unit level. Details of the certificates can be found in the Association’s Training Scheme.

Other Specialised Certificates are: Drama & Song, Craft, First Aid, Contemporary Issues I and II, Training the Prospective Trainer, Outdoor Skills, Disaster Preparedness and Creative Meetings & Special Events.

Information on the certificates to be offered during the next school year will be available shortly from the Training Team.

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