EZ Pave repairs hardcourt

Green, blue and yellow – such are the colours of the new multipurpose hardcourt at the Combermere School.

Recently, as part of the school’s Old Scholars Association Week, E-Z Pave, a subsidiary of Asphalt Processors Inc, repaired one of the courts for the students’ use.

Managing director, Errol Lynch noted that when they took over the job, with the intention of finishing in a matter of days, the work they realised that was needed to rehabilitate the court was extensive.

“We had to do a lot of cleaning and filling. We started by power-washing the court and then we had to fill in all the cracks. We put a coat of resurfacer on it and then the colour, because we had to make sure the court was level,” he explained.

There were about nine workers, he said, on the project, and during the process they could be found mixing the products or working to ensure that when it was finished the previous challenges with the cracked court would be a thing of the past.

Lynch said too that all the products used on the repairs were products manufactured by the company and should stand up for five to seven years in the elements.

“There were some really large cracks when we started, some as big as half-an-inch. The challenge was that when water gets in it could create a problem and we had some rain that delayed the work,” he said, adding that they had done a thorough cleaning of the area before any work could begin to eliminate debris which could cause problems when the products were added to the surface.

When the court was handed over to the school officially, Lynch said students would be able to play netball, tennis, volleyball and other games on the surface.

He added that they were proud of what they had been able to do for the school as a community service. (LB)

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