Digicel expands 4G service

ST. JOHN’S – After much anticipation, and several delays, Digicel Antigua & Barbuda officially launched its 4G LTE high-speed Internet service yesterday, the first mobile provider in the Caribbean to do so.

Digicel CEO Victor Corcoran said the company launched two 4G networks, 4G mobile for mobile phones, and 4G LTE for the home and office.

Corcoran said all existing customers with 3G or 4G enabled phones have been grandfathered into the system and will receive greater speeds at no extra cost.

“All existing Digicel mobile customers with a phone that will give them 3G plus or 4G speeds have already received access to that (4G) network,” he said.

“We are not charging them any extra for that, so initially all existing customers will pay the same price but they will get 4G speeds.”

The CEO said as usage levels change, Digicel may re-evaluate its position.

New customers will have to select one of the new 4G plans available. Post-paid plans start at $69 per month for 500MB of 4G data and go as high as $99 per month for 7GB of data. Prices do not include ABST tax.

Prepaid customers will be charged $3.50 for 50MB of 4G speed for one day. For seven days, a customer can get 500MB of high-speed data for $20; and for 30 days 1GB of data for $75.

State of the art technology

Corcoran said that the 4G LTE service is a “state of the art technology” that is still being rolled out in the United States.

Customers who opt for this service will have to purchase a Wi-Fi device that will be plugged in at home and provide wireless Internet access to cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets and any other Wi-Fi enabled device. (Antigua Observer)

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