Dealing with lawbreakers

An evening after work I was waiting once again for public transportation. It was 6 p.m. and the buses where passing full to capacity. I was monitoring the minibuses registration numbers because of my strange experiences in travelling.

One particular van came down and before it could stop, we were alerted by the constant blowing of the horn. The conductor disembarked and ran directly in front of the van. A guy rushed out from an alley across the street handed him a very thin package that was wrapped in paper, to which the conductor passed him money.

“It should spice up things down de road,” the young man said.

I cannot pretend these things don’t happen. These people openly break the laws of Barbados and in doing so endanger the lives of many. There should be a body to which people can voice their complaints. An active body, that would be willing to monitor these people, by becoming a random mystery passenger, to observe the reckless behaviour that transpires on a regular basis.

With careful reporting one would be able to list the violations made, and deal with them harshly under the law. I am appealing to the government to empower your people. We could never be a progressive country if we turn a blind eye to the blatant criminal behaviour portrayed on our public service vehicles.

— Anne Catherine Springer

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