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While the National Initiative on Service Excellence 100 Improvements in 100 Days project ended a few months ago, its benefits continue to be extended through some Scotiabank employees.

Staff at the bank’s main Broad Street branch took an unusual approach of extending the initiative by shoring up the HIV/AIDS Food Bank. Support for the AIDS Society of Barbados and its food drive started almost a decade ago through Scotiabank’s Independence Square branch. Since the consolidation of Scotiabank’s two City branches in 2011, that support continues through the Broad Street branch.

The initiative was championed by service representative Charmaine Waterman.

She said: “It was felt that after our 100 days of improvements, we could help improve the lives of others by giving back. We chose the AIDS Society of Barbados’ HIV/AIDS Food Bank because of their appeal for help for food items and because Scotiabank is very involved in the fight against AIDS.”

Waterman explained that with the endorsement of branch manager Stephen Smith, the near 50 employees were invited to contribute at least 100 food items or to donate between $5 and $10 each so groceries could be purchased. The effort yielded several hundred dollars along with many donations of food and toiletries.

The presentation was made at the branch to Merlene Blackett, of the AIDS Society of Barbados.

Scotiabank is committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work, both in Canada and abroad, through our global philanthropic Bright Future programme. Recognised as a leader internationally and in Canada for our charitable donations and philanthropic activities, Scotiabank has provided on average approximately $44 million annually to community causes around the world over the last five years.

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