Writer and producer, Marcia Weekes (second right) with Chrissy star, Makalah Harrison (right) and other supporting members of the cast.

by Latoya Burnham

If accolades were money, Marcia Weekes would have been a rich woman last night from the premiere of her newest film, Chrissy.

Held at the Olympus Theatres, under the auspices of the Variety Children’s Club, the film’s inaugural showing attracted ministers of Government, actors, children’s charity groups, children, and the media, for what turned out to be a very impressive viewing.

The actors of the movie, all local children, including stars Makalah Harrison and Cara O’Donnell, stood at the urging of the audience to receive screams, whistles and loud applause at the end of the premiere.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones, who along with Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite were among those in attendance, praised Weekes’ efforts, particularly in highlighting the talents of children, while bringing attention to the issue of bullying.

Weekes said for each movie they tried to focus on a principle, and the spirit had moved her to let bullying be the tag for this one, to which they had launched a national anti-bullying campaign in the schools.

Her husband, Dave, producer of the film, thanked Barbadians for purchasing the Hush films, which he said were what had funded the making of Chrissy to a large extent. While there were some additional donations, he said what they had made from their last project had been plunged back into their latest work.

He also noted that they were in discussions with interests in the US who were hoping to have multiple showings of the film next year in cinemas there. The film is also currently booked for showings in the UK and Canada.

The premiere, a thorough red carpet affair, saw the child stars arriving by limosine and then mingling with the audience in the lobby of the theatre before the packed showing.

It ended with the stars cutting a massive congratulatory cake to toast the film’s success.

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