Annoying noise pollution

We are Barbadians living in a small island but there are some people who believe that they have a right to inconvenience other Barbadians by the uncaring things that they do on a regular basis.

I feel very sorry for the residents living in the Pinelands area, as they are constantly bombarded by the cacophony of noise on a daily basis. The noises heard are from loud radios in homes and vehicles, exhaust systems on motor bikes, cars, SUVs, trucks, that are privately owned or government owed.

The residents try, it seems, to tolerate this invasion of their privacy and space but are appealing to the relevant authorities to do something to help them.

The annoying behaviour of a few Barbadians is impacting on the life of the majority, and it should not be allowed to continue. Persons who have resided in first world countries complain that only in Barbados does the practice of excessive noise and other dangerous practices are not stopped with haste.

Noise impacts negatively on a person’s health.

Another matter is the smoking of illegal substances and so called legal substances, where people who do not smoke anything area forced to inhale the smoke that is entering their homes by the uncaring users.

The police do not assist the innocent Barbadians when they complain to them to maintain law and order that they are sworn to do.

Please on behalf of the Barbadians who are living within the law of the land can you publish this letter.

— Kenrick Moore

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