Wrong way home

Members of the Cottle family point out problem chain.

by Emmanuel Joseph

Two neighbouring families at Porey Spring, St. Thomas are battling over the right of access to a private road, which is apparently owned by one of them — Vida Edwards.

The Cottle family of Roy, Evanise and her two children, is protesting the erection of two columns joined by a cable across the access road, which is preventing them from driving their vehicle into their yard.

Roy Cottle is insisting that the road had been a right of way for the past 53 years when he moved to the property. He showed a team from Barbados TODAY what appeared to be a document outlining the plot which purported to illustrate the right of way.

Both neighbours reported that police were called in to “make” Edwards remove the cable. They also conceded that the police went to the scene two times and on the first occasion, the cable was taken away but later replaced.

Roy Cottle said he was particularly upset that he had to park his vehicle in the middle of the road leading to his home and his aging wife had to struggle up the hill in order to get into their home. But Edwards said she was later advised by her lawyer that no policeman could make her take down the barrier from her property.

“This is my property and no one can bully me into moving anything from my property. I will not take it down again, period. My lawyer tell me if they (the Cottle family) want it down, let them take me to court for my own property,” she added.

Edwards said differences with Cottle’s daughter forced her to put up the barrier, while her father and mother described the allegation made as a lie.

Edwards, who said she first moved to the property as a tenant in 1963 and bought it three years later, told Barbados TODAY, that the disputed road was always a private pathway over which she and her late husband had control.

“When I came here the Cottles were here. He (Roy Cottle) was crossing on my land when he could have used another side of the property. My husband had gone to him and told him if he wanted to pass by my property he would have to ask permission, but he never did,” claimed the land owner.

Edwards also informed this newspaper she had suggested long time ago that the Cottles use an alternative route on the other side of the property, but they refused.

This was disputed by the Cottles. (EJ)

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