Why not change the QEH too?

Since it seems that the relevant authorities are in the mood for name changing, why not the Queen Elizabeth hospital too?

I am sure that if a suitable Barbadian name cannot be decided on, we can always rename it, Barbados General Hospital, St. Michael’s General Hospital or even Bridgetown General Hospital.

I am positive that Barbadians would gladly embrace one of the three suggested names with open arms.

It is time that we break away from the old colonial system and way of thinking and honour or own. What does England do for Barbados or the region, nothing? The United States does more for Barbados and the region than England.

When the wealth from region dried up and the islands and could no longer bleed the islands, they were left to fend for themselves and those that were in a position to fight for independence, did just that.

Let’s refurbish or existing hospital, since we do not need or can afford a new hospital and rename it with a more appropriate Barbadian name.

— Wayne Cadogan

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