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Sir, we salute you!

St. Peter Parish Ambassadors La-Shea Samuel and Naki Modoo greet Jordan.

Former principal of the St. Lucy Secondary School, Daryll Jordan, was toasted in the finest fashion yesterday by old scholars of the school in a day of picnicking at Farley Hill National Park.

Students told of how happy they were when they first heard that the school was to be renamed after Jordan, and even penned poems and songs in his honour.

Organised by the 49ers, the class of students from 1980, the event saw old scholars from as far back as the 1970s mingling with their former teachers and younger year groups in the day of fun, food and family.

Former student, Cherie Boyce, recalled how Jordan had taken her under his wings at the school and allowed her to overcome learning challenges and even personal difficulties to excel.

Dr. Andrew Cadogan, also an old scholar, told stories of trying to sneak across the grass at school though he knew it was against school rules, and encountering principal Jordan when he got to the other end, who then made him retrace his steps. He then read a poem in tribute to Jordan, while the dozens of old school mates laughed and applauded.

St. Peter Parish Ambassadors, La-Shea Samuel and Naki Modoo, passed by to wish Jordan well, telling him that as part of their project they would be awarding and recognising persons like him from the parish for their contribution to community and national development.

“We’ve all heard how the school is going to be renamed the Daryll Jordan Secondary School and we are happy about it. So the 49ers decided to come together to show Mr. Jordan how much we appreciated his efforts at St. Lucy Secondary and his contribution to education,” said member of the group, Ronda Graham.

The loudest applause though was reserved for Kirkson Alleyne, whose tribute in song left the crowd screaming for more. (LB)

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