LIME answers calls

LIME technician at work.

LIME continues to listen and respond to customer concerns, said its Managing Director Alex McDonald.

In keeping with this promise to listen to the voice of the customer LIME has reinstituted a number of community activities, like the most recent town hall meeting, to hear first-hand from customers and ultimately to improve the customer’s overall experience.

McDonald said he believed this constant customer engagement provides valuable feedback to address the customer’s needs. He noted that LIME has already started to address key concerns including the response times for fault repair and the response times from the Customer Contact Centre.

Following discussions with the Barbados Workers’ Union, the company has engaged the services of third party contractors who are handling installations and thereby freeing up the in-house technical crews to focus on restoring services.

With the use of these supplementary resources, McDonald anticipates that the average restoration times should improve over the next two to three weeks, once the weather remains favourable.

“The company’s engagement of these third party contractors has already resulted in a 33 per cent reduction within the last seven days. Apart from additional manpower, we are also increasing our investment in other telecommunications technologies and broadening our fibre footprint which will improve the integrity of the external plant over time.”

In emphasising its commitment to respond to the customers’ call for a local Contact Centre, LIME confirmed that it has been feverishly working to re-establish the centre in Barbados and that it had already started to receive calls from local customers, on a very limited scale.

He noted that there may still be some delays as agents take a few weeks to undergo training and equip themselves with the tools to engage customers on LIME’s full suite of services. However, the Barbados contact centre is expected to be fully operational by December 1.

“Our customers are important to us and opportunities that allow us to face their concerns head-on and act on them will remain part of our focus as we move forward,” McDonald added.

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  1. Mervyn Mahon November 9, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    I find the above article interesting and look forward to seeing an improved service from LIME.
    Here is my experiences -:
    Whenever the telephone rings in my home or if I make an outgoing call, my internet drops out. Additionally my internet connections drops out often during the day. This defect has been reported to LIME since the end of July. They promised to fix the problem, but have not. I have reported the problem to LIME a week ago. No one from LIME has tried to make contact.
    I am wondering if there will be an improvement in service.

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