Jones: Last gov’t left a big mess

Minister of Education Ronald Jones is upset that Government had to clean a “financial mess” left by the former Barbados Labour Party administration.

“We do not trumpet enough of what we have done in this country, we had to clean up a whole lot of financial mess, the justice centre in White Park Road, I don’t know all [of] them [Minister of Finance] Chris [Sinckler] knows every one of them. That was Owen Arthur’s regime, we ain’t create no mess, a dirty platter we were given and all the mess on it,” he said last night.

The Member of Parliament for Christ Church East Central was in a fighting mood when the Democratic Labour Party’s Christ Church branches held a joint meeting at the Christ Church Foundation School. He said when his party was elected the Government in 2008 they were given it on a dirty platter.

“In the mist of plenty they came up very short, they borrowed money for rainy days (in sunshine) and when we came looking for the money when the rain come it was gone… should we release them once again on the people of Barbados,” the minister asked?

“Go and get a chastity belt for wunna wives because I suspect they would try to sell them off too, that is what he want to do sell off everything and everyone in Barbados,” he said.

Jones, who is seeking to be a member of the House of Assembly for a third straight time, reported on work done in his constituency. He said, for example, that $1.2 million was spent rebuilding all of the houses hardest hit when Hurricane Tomas passed in October 2010.

“So many things have been addressed in this constituency in this short span, we have done what we were elected to do, I have done what I have been called to do – to give service and I have done it without fanfare,” he said.

“We responded to the call of several constituents for assistance in improving their housing conditions, those who have plenty should share with those who have nothing, this we answered in the context of available resources. We have responded to the need for improvement in road infrastructure… We did all of them without fanfare at a time with extreme financial difficulty in the world and in this country. Sharing, caring, occasionally loving – my interest is on the people not on self-gratification and all I’m doing is Jonesing,” the MP added. (KC)

2 Responses to Jones: Last gov’t left a big mess

  1. Leann Straker November 6, 2012 at 7:55 am

    Pretty good new look but the font size needs to be increased.

  2. Maria November 10, 2012 at 8:46 am

    The DLP government has been in power for almost five years, time to stop complaining about the last administration. Whatever mess there is is wholly owned by DEM!

    Also, what sort of person talks about going out to “get a chastity belt for wunna wives”? Is that our minister of Education? Shame on you!


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