Forging new partnership

Last Thursday night at The St. Michael School, the Chief Commissioner of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association and representatives of the association met with some of the members of MESA (Men’s Educational Support Association) to share information concerning the national Scout Association and to seek ways in which the two groups can develop a partnership.

MESA is a non-governmental organisation that was founded in 2000 and continues in its mandate to “educate, motivate and empower males towards becoming good fathers, caring spouses and responsible citizens, through precept, example and the general pursuit of excellence” through workshops, discussion and counselling.

At this monthly meeting, the Chief Commissioner spoke of the achievements of the Barbados Boy Scouts Association of the past, namely the fact that the association was able to purchase property that houses the Headquarters with surrounding land space for its camping and outdoor Scouting needs.

He noted to that in the midst of the current challenging times that have surfaced throughout the 100 years on various occasions, the Association has benefited from the astute leadership of its committed Chief Commissioners, Leaders and Lay persons.

He informed the gathering of men that the Leaders have continued to give maximum quality service to their groups, even though most, if not all of them have secular jobs and juggle Scouting on weekdays with their means of employment.

Commenting on the integrity and calibre of the Scout Association, the Chief mentioned to the men who were listening with rapt interest, that there are many men in the Barbadian society who could testify of the tremendous benefits they would have received while being Scouts.

He further remarked that he was extremely happy that the men’s group, which is currently under the leadership of President Ralph Boyce, was willing to assist the Barbados Boy Scouts Association in the many initiatives and even challenges which were before them.

Members of MESA congratulated the Association in the celebration of its Centenary especially as it assisted in forging paths for the young men in the country and promised to be engaged with the Scout Association in the very near future.

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