Celebrating five years

The staff choir, conducted by Inez Burke, singing Hand Me Down during the awards ceremony.

For the past four years, they have been the beacons on the hill – shining their light for all to see.

It is easy to see why St. Giles Nursery is proud of its achievements, and why the principal, teachers and pupils would want to shout it out.

On October 31, the official opening date of the St. Michael school, they celebrated their fifth anniversary with an awards ceremony at the school.

Subject Coordinator Rhonda Ishmael told Barbados TODAY that during this event companies and individuals such as parents and friends of the school who had contributed to, and assisted with, the school’s development, were recognised in a tangible way with plaques and certificates. Teachers and members of the ancillary team were each given specially engraved mugs bearing their names as well.

The guests were also treated to performances from the students.

Some of the companies recognised were Purity Bakeries, ALICO insurance, Barbados Public Workers Cooperative Credit Union and Barbados TODAY.

Deputy Chief Education Officer (Schools) Karen Best was on hand to make some of the presentations as well as address the ceremony. Ishmael also said that activities started on October 28 with an anniversary service at the Welches Christian Mission in Baycroft Road, Carrington Village and included the award ceremony, Open Days on Thursday and Friday when they invited past students to intermingle with present ones, and culminated with a scenic bus ride to Bath, St. John for the entire family on Saturday.

Ishmael said she was “one of the fortunate persons” who was at the Government nursery from inception.

“I think we are living up to our motto which is ‘Growing’. We are growing and we have grown and we’re still endeavouring to work together and we are very thankful to God for the assistance that He has given us. We are also thankful for those parents, companies that have come on board and helped us. God said ‘Ask and you will receive,’ and many times we have to do a lot of asking and thank God we can say we have received,” she said.

The school has a roll of 90 students. Principal Yvette Greenidge is assisted in her duties by 12 staff members, six of whom are teachers. (DS)

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