Begging with the Bees

Warm welcome for Prime Minister Stuart.

If the Barbados Labour Party is elected to govern, Barbadians will return to a system of “beggars”.

That’s what Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, believes.

“We have followed the ethos of the Democratic Labour Party not by creating mendicancy, not by doing what Owen Arthur wants Barbadians to return to – a system of depending on somebody else for your livelihood – and that the thing to do according to the Barbados Labour Party is to stop Barbadians from dreaming, stop them from relying on their own self resilience and somehow have them crawl on hands and foot begging the Barbados Labour Party,” he said yesterday.

The Christ Church West Central MP was speaking last evening at Christ Church Foundation School, Church Hill, at a joint meeting of the ruling DLP’s Christ Church branches.

“I wish to say that, that will never happen in this country. Never will we return to a system which was created by the Barbados Labour Party of creating beggars in this country,” he stated.

Giving a report of his representation over the last four and a half years, Lashley said when he first took over the constituency it was in a “very sorry state”, adding that there had been significant neglect in relation to the social services.

“In Christ Church West Central for example we had 14 years of Barbados Labour Party rule but when you move across this constituency you could hardly see the kind of development which the people of Christ Church West Central ought to expect,” he said.

“We saw for example a rapid deterioration in our roads; we saw the lack of sporting programmes and a dereliction of duties in relation to our sports facilities. We saw no programmes for our seniors, our children were left without playing facilities including play parks [and] housing was neglected…”

Lashley said that since becoming representative he had done a significant job in starting to reverse what he found.

He noted that in his constituency the focus was to use sports as a means of development and empowerment so they continued to support young people, medium age, as well as older people in their sporting endeavours, stating that the netball and football teams were doing well.

One of the other main focuses was to implement meaningful activities and programmes for the seniors who were at home during the day. This included the establishment of the Health Extravaganza and Market Day, which was used to bring out people and it also created employment and business for young entrepreneurs. (KC)

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