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Clome-Tare Anderson receives a gift from the CEO David Jean-Marie.

Barbados Port Inc. recently hosted a surprise send off for two of its long-standing employees, as they embarked on a new and exciting journey.

Marguerite Morris and Clome-Tare Anderson, dedicating 42 and 40 years of service respectively, officially retired from duty last week.

Chief Executive Officer, David Jean-Marie, honoured the two in a surprise farewell ceremony at the port’s University Row offices.

Jean-Marie presented the ladies with special gifts in appreciation of their hard work and dedication over the years.

“It is the commitment from employees such as Morris and Anderson that has seen the Port grow into what it is today,” he said.

“We have been able over the years to create an environment in which workers can grow and thrive, and for this reason working at the Port has become a lifetime career for many employees. We are very proud of our track record of being an employer of choice.”

He noted that the port and the Accounts Department, where they both worked, will greatly miss them.

Both women, in accepting their gifts, were keen to recall their history with the port. They expressed pride in seeing its physical developments over the years and the progression of the staff.

Morris and Anderson shared similar stories of the early days when the Barbados Port Inc. was known as Port Contractors and how they started working at the switch board and progressed through a number of posts to their substantive positions in the Accounts Department.

Morris spoke of having a wonderful time through her participation in all the port’s activities. Though noting that the restructuring period when several of her friends and colleagues were laid off from their positions was a sad time for her, made worse as job security was very uncertain, she maintained that the atmosphere of the port remained steady. This, she said, was due to the kindness and close friendships that had developed among staff.

This was reiterated by Anderson when she recalled having a very good time working at the Port.

“My bosses were all very nice. They were my friends as well as my bosses so we got along well.”

These friendships, she added, extended to others working inside the port. She expressed well wishes to the CEO and all other persons working at the Port.

Morris has also pledged to give back to her community in any way that she can during her retirement. In this regard she has joined the Husbands and Westwood Park Voluntary Committee, an organisation responsible for educating the community on the importance of recycling and conserving energy in the homes.

Anderson meanwhile, said she will be quite busy as her “life is full”.

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