Vicious act


KINGSTON — Social networks were today abuzz with news out of Jamaica that a student of the University of Technology fleeing an angry mob on campus, was yesterday assaulted by security officers who were supposedly trying to protect him.

Guard hitting student in Jamaica.

Facebook and other Jamaican news sites were today inundated with angry tirades against the assault by nationals and students.

According to various news sources and sites, the incident began on Thursday night, when two male students were alleged to have been caught engaging in sexual acts, following which they were chased by an angry mob.

A joint statement reportedly issued by the university, the Students’ Union and the security firm, Marksman, stated: “One managed to escape and the other ended up in the Guard Room at the entrance of the campus. This student was physically assaulted by on duty security guards employed by the contracted security company, Marksman Ltd., while several other students encircled the Guard Room attempting to get hold of the student.”

A video recording of the incident in the Guard Room was posted to YouTube but was subsequently removed with the site reporting that it contravened its regulations.

News sources said the student was taken into police custody and his parents were then called and urged to seek medical attention for him. He was also urged to return to make a statement on the incident.

Meanwhile, this morning the university’s management were locked in discussions and an investigation launched into the matter.

The security firm has since reported the removal of the officers from duty in the statement which said: “The university’s administration, the University’s Students’ Union and Marksman Ltd., strongly condemn the assault on the student by the security guards, and other individuals. Marksman Limited immediately removed the security guards who were involved in the assault.

“UTech administration is currently conducting an in-depth investigation into the incident. The university is also providing counselling to those involved. The Students’ Union executive has initiated a series of discussions and sensitisation sessions to encourage appropriate behaviour and to support the safety and security of the wider student body.” (LB)

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