Snuffed out

T&T businessman ambushed; stabbed to death

PORT OF SPAIN — Viren Annamunthodo, son of murdered political activist and pamphleteer Walter Annamunthodo, was ambushed and stabbed to death as he arrived to open his business place yesterday.

The murder of Annamunthodo and that of a 19-year-old man in Laventille on Wednesday night have brought the murder toll to 336 for the year.

Annamunthodo, owner of Unique Services Printery in Pleasantville, San Fernando, was attacked as he stepped out of his gold-coloured Nissan Almera car around 7:30 a.m.

The killer fled and 57-year-old Annamunthodo dragged himself back into the vehicle and telephoned his wife, Denise.

He however died shortly after she placed him in the back seat of her car.

The killing happened in the driveway of the family’s business place in Cassia Avenue, Pleasantville. The Annamunthodos live a short distance away in Pleasantville Avenue.

The dead man’s sister-in-law, Dawn Annamunthodo, said: “I was coming from the gym when I saw a police vehicle outside the printery. I stopped and saw my brother-in-law lying in the car. I understand that he had just arrived to open the business when he was ambushed and stabbed. He called his wife and she came with the housekeeper. They tried to put him in her car, but he died before they could have left to go to the hospital.”

Viren Annamunthodo, father of two girls and a boy, had inherited the business from his late father.

The elder Annamunthodo was killed in 1992 while editing the book Atma Greet, a collection of Hindi bhajans. His battered body was found at his two-bedroom home in St. Clements. An autopsy found he was hit on the head with a stone or blunt instrument and bled to death.

Police said Viren Annamunthodo was not robbed of his belongings, and officers were unable to determine the motive of the killing. His lunch was scattered in the driveway yesterday. (Express)

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