Rock by nature

Daughter Juanita delivering the eulogy.

Jeffrey Jefferson Rock was a great man. He was a man of God, a man who loved his family and friends and treated everyone with respect.

This afternoon some of the hundreds of people whose lives he touched during his 52 years, gathered at Abundant Life Assembly to give God thanks for his life and to say their last farewell.

The congregation heard that he was “rock by name and rock by nature” at home, with his church family and at the Nation Publishing Company where he worked for more than 20 years.

They also heard about his dedication but perhaps the most poignant tribute was that which was made by his daughter Juanita.

She recounted her years with him, spoke of his latter days in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and how he did not like the food there because it was not cooked by his wife of 25 years Juaniss. Their marriage, she said, as a great love story.

“He was more than a dad to me, he was a friend, my best friend,” she said.

She also recounted how her brother Jefferson tried to be like him, even dressing like him.

“So many special memories I could spend the entire day talking about and how her touched the lives of many, but today I encourage you to join with me in honouring the memory of a gentle and caring man who over the last three years waged the bravest fight against cancer. Daddy fought long and hard and never once allow it to beat his Christian faith,” said Juanita.

Rocky, the “gentle giant”, died on October 25. (DS)

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