Movie producer launches anti-bullying campaign

Stars of Chrissy at this week’s launch.

Some lucky school could win $1,000 for a drama on bullying, in a new anti-bullying campaign launched by the producers of the upcoming movie Chrissy.

Producer of the film, Marcia Weekes made this announcement this week as she noted that with the theme, I Choose Kindness, they were trying to encourage schools to become areas where bullying was recognised, reported and not tolerated.

As such, she said, the first element of the campaign was to have every Monday in November be recognised as “Acts of Kindness Day” within local schools.

If kindness was the watchword, she contended that it would leave little room for bullying and meanness.

“We want to encourage the children to go see the Chrissy movie because we do deal with that issue in the movie,” she said, adding that there were times allotted at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. specifically for schools to view the film.

“Each time I do a movie, the movie really teaches principles. In this one in particular we are dealing with other issues, but the issue we want to focus on is the issue of bullying. So the film is created for our children and we want to encourage you if you are a principal, a teacher, guidance counsellor, that you encourage the children to come out and see the movie…

“The film will be an opportunity for your guidance counsellors and teachers to have discussions within your schools about this topic,” she stated.

Weekes added that to get the children really engaged, they were even having a competition where they could dramatise bullying issues.

“We are also launching an anti-bullying drama competition; the theme again, I Choose Kindness. The winning school will receive $1,000 and the competition will be judged on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 and we will give you more details regarding location etcetera.

“So if your school is interested, you may have a drama group or you may not yet have a drama group, but you have talented children within your school, then you can begin to prepare them for that,” she stressed.

She said it was clear Barbados has talented children, as was seen in the over 220 students who took part in the movie Chrissy, it was now to move them to where the schools could put together pieces in keeping with the theme.

The final area of the campaign was to get parents talking about bullying, said the producer.

“In the month of November, we want to encourage the parents through the PTAs to speak to your children about the issue of bullying at home. We also want to encourage the PTAs to disseminate relevant information about bullying to their members, very important. I think there is a lack of education concerning the matter and I want to really encourage parents to get involved.

“So there are four points to our campaign — the Acts of Kindness Day; the Chrissy anti-bullying drama competition; we want to encourage the children to see the movie at the cinema where you can have a discussion based on what they have seen, they will also through Supreme Counselling be engaged at the cinema concerning the same issue…; and we want to encourage the PTAs to incorporate that in their plans,” she said. (LB)

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