Loosing our traditions

I’ve just got finish reading the article in the Barbados Today, dated October 31, by Tonia Husbands, regarding what’s Halloween.

Husbands, I salute your article. It was an excellent piece that every one in Barbados should pay attention to.

I have been living in the US now over 47 years, and have five children. I have never ever taken my children out to trick or treat. I did not allow they mothers to take them out either to trick or treat.

I have taught all my children all that my Bajan parents instilled in me to be the man that I am today. I am thankful to both of them for all that they have taught me, which I have passed on to my children, who are all now men and women.

I remember as a boy growing up in Barbados we used to have something called Guy Fawkes Night which was November 5, when we played with fireworks. But what most of us enjoyed was something we placed in a can and closed it with a hole in the bottom, where you placed fire and got an explosion.

All I can remember what we used something which stank, but we look forward to that every year. As boys growing up we never had any such thing as Halloween.

Now all the natural customs which I always see and read about as culture have been dying a slow death for years.

Barbados has given up most of the traditions for things from here in the US, or Canada, or any place that they think is happening. But I will die saying that Barbadians need to keep Barbados’ traditions and continue to feel proud of them.

People travel to different countries to learn about what makes the people in the different countries who they are, and what makes them different, and here you are giving that away every day.

— Charles Cadogan

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  1. john r wilkinson November 5, 2012 at 11:26 am

    As a barbadian myself and living in the states for 42 years i agreed with every word he say,s


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