Coverley clinic opens

Cutting of the ribbon marked the official opening.

There’s a new medical facility in Barbados that aims to make patient convenience paramount.

The spanking new state-of-the-art Coverley Medical Centre was officially opened this evening at the Villages at Coverley, the Town Square in Coverley Christ Church. The health care facility was made up of the Coverley Medical Clinic, Coverley Diagnostic Services and HealthSmart Pharmacy.

The clinic is designed to treat from life threatening emergencies to mundane medical problems, but rather than use an appointment system they have set up a Triage unit to determine the priority level of patients attending the clinic.

Services include comprehensive family medicine, asthma care services, access to ambulance service, a children play area/waiting room, blood and urine investigations available onsite, urgent and emergency care, conventional X rays that useful in the investigation of bony and soft tissues, ultrasounds to investigate internal organs and obstetric and gynaecological matters.

Mammography will be introduced early next year.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, one of the directors of CMC, Dr. Brian Charles, said the concept of the clinic was to offer a one-stop medical shop that would rivalled any other located in developed countries and which satisfied the needs of their patients.

Though located in the Villages, the clinic, he said, would not be exclusive to residents. Charles added that they hoped to professionally serve the parishes of Christ Church, St. Philip and by extension the whole of Barbados, including locals and tourists alike.

It will be opened seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., but they hoped to extend the opening hours depending on staff availability and also the use of the facility and what people require.

“If you call our number after we are closed you are directed over to Sandy Crest and then a telephone Triage is taken and the person is directed where to go. This is particularly important for the airport because in our discussions with them they are particularly concerned about the late flights and ill persons coming in on the late flights so we have put a facility in place so that if they call from the airport to the Coverley number they can be redirected,” he noted.

Minister of Health Donville Inniss commended CMC for the role they played in improving health service in Barbados.

“As Minister of Health, I am extremely delighted to be associated with such an enterprise, which seeks to enhance the delivery of health care in Barbados. It is my strong belief that the desired results in our health care system can only be achieved through the efforts of public and private sector partnerships.

“The Barbadian health care system has developed gradually over the last 50 years and provides a good standard of health care service. The health care system in Barbados is comprised of private and public facilities, with private … providers playing a big role in the Barbadian health sector.

“To date there are 346 private health care facilities in Barbados, which together with the state owned facilities, are meeting most of the needs of our citizens and visitors. I have no doubt that this clinic will indeed play a significant role in delivering the kinds of health care to which Barbadians have grown accustomed and that which they are demanding.

“This Government holds steadfast to the view that health care in Barbados must be affordable and accessible to all regardless of their socio-economic status,” he said. (KC)

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