Absolutely appalled!

I am writing this with a heavy heart and total frustration with our judicial system.

When the Prime Minister ordered the Commission of Enquiry into the Alexandra School and appointed retired judge Justice Frederick Waterman as sole Commissioner to the inquiry, never did I imagine this would have been the result.

I was one to defend the process when I heard some criticism. It was only this morning that my opinion changed. Imagine my disappointment and total confusion to read in the special edition of the Barbados Today that according to report, that for her [Amaida Greaves] misconduct, “It would suffice if she is given a written reprimand”.

However, for those teachers who reported for duty every day during the three-week industrial action, they should be transferred.

This left me even more confused as no mention was made of those who never reported for work during that period in the first instance and then the one-week strike action the following term.

Is our system now one where those who do the right thing by attending their lawful duties are punished, while those who do not are rewarded or merely given a warning finger?

The most interesting part to me was the conclusion that these members of staff to be transferred are the leaders of the junior teachers. Are their crimes that they are, according to the commissioner, “young, bright, articulate and dedicated” or is it that they choose to work with their immediate employer and support his initiatives; or was their main offence the fact that they did not engage in critical comments of Principal Jeff Broomes?

It is my understanding that all the young teachers who testified were summoned to do so by the commission. Why now are they in this unfortunate position?

I have never been so confused by such an outcome in my 66 years as I am today. I hope someone will explain this to me.

— Mark McGeary

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