Pledge to deepen ties

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart accepting a token from Israel’s Ambassador to Barbados Amiram.

Barbados and Israel have pledged to forge stronger ties. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Israel’s Ambassador to Barbados, Amiram Magid, gave this assurance during a courtesy call at Parliament Tuesday.

During the meeting, the ambassador acknowledged the fruitful relationship between the two countries and mentioned further collaboration in areas such as education, trade and agriculture, as opportunities to deepen the ties.

The envoy, who is stationed in New York, and accredited to several Caribbean countries, said he intended to lend his voice to issues on behalf of CARICOM during his tour of duty.

Magid also alluded to training opportunities that had been provided for several Barbadians and expressed “the hope that these activities “would lead to more fruitful relations between the two countries”.

In response the Prime Minister said Barbados valued the long-standing alliance with Israel and credited the Middle Eastern nation for its rich contribution to the development of human civilisation.

“We have tried over time to deepen that relationship and I want to thank Israel for the many training opportunities provided for Barbadians. That kind of exchange not only helps to deepen the ties, but also helps the two countries to understand each other better,” Stuart added.

The Prime Minister also touched on cooperation at the multilateral level and mentioned the island’s support of Israel’s resolutions presented at the United Nations.

“We believe in the justice of Israel’s cause and, of course, we have always been concerned about instability and the tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians. So, we are looking forward to an amicable resolution to that problem…,” Stuart noted.

CAPTION: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart accepting a token from Israel’s Ambassador to Barbados Amiram.

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