No equality

I am appreciating more and more that there is no such thing as equality.

If there is, it appears to be some far off ideal NASA has not yet worked out the formula for the correct trajectory for humanity to make that giant step.

I believe that if we are not going to work toward equality, we should just leave it alone and stop talking fancy talk and giving false hope.

We instill in children that no one is better than they are, but should we also tell them that they are not better than anyone?

We fool ourselves, because the children know better, that all schools are equal, yet there are some schools we look down on and others that may be considered out of a person’s league.

The Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic and the Barbados Community College were each set up to serve a different purpose; yet there is debate about which is better and this then filters into the world of work. Because, the collared jobs that BCC prepares us for are seen as better than the construction site, or printer, or garage or ‘little’ self owned business.

That is just the way we think, then we want to introduce equality. It does not exist.

Yet again, we need to look a little closer because some of us hold equality and ‘the same thing’ on level ground; not realising that they are actually two different things.

If a sidewalk is built for me to get from home to work and a sidewalk is built for Fred to get from home to work we call that equality, it is not. It is actually just the same thing. Consider Fred can walk, skip, run or jump along that sidewalk but I am confined to a wheelchair, there is no equality there.

Now if that same idea of getting me from home to my job was done in such a way that I can use my wheelchair, now we are in the realm of equality.

We really miss the mark where equality is concerned.

I sat in a class of 31 at Coleridge and Parry School, we all had the same opportunities, we didn’t have equal opportunities. You see, while giving all the same opportunity has its merits, we need to consider that as similar as we may appear we are not all the same.

God made us all different for a purpose and with a purpose so it therefore makes no sense offering everybody the same thing and talking about equality that does not exist.

Take Hurricane Sandy as an example – that weather system left a trail of destruction across Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. But instead of sounding the alarm to rally and help our Caribbean neighbours, the whole world seemed to stand still as this, not category 2, 3, 4, or 5, but as this Super Storm threatened and then ransacked the east coast of the USA.

The same thing happened wherever Sandy touched – flooding, wind, lost of life, electricity, and property. Lives have been disrupted. But who do we care about?

I am in no way saying we should not care about the Americans and our friends and families living there. What I am saying, or asking rather is where the equality we talk about is? Aren’t the people of Haiti and Cuba and Jamaica important too?

I know the answer is yes, but we are not even mentioning them anymore. It is as if they were not hit by Sandy. Let’s move on. Let’s focus on what is happening in America. There is no disputing that American states have been devastated – flooding, fallen trees and poles, houses torn apart, fires and now serious snow, some have described it as a war zone. They have the infrastructure, the wherewithal to bounce back. It will be hard but they will, some might get an even better home but still be scared for life having lost precious memories. But a few hundred miles from us we have people who can’t even get water.

There was a photo of some children in Haiti on a bed which was propped up on four blocks in a flooded room that really tugged at my heart.

The same thing will not help them, equality will.

Let’s stop talking about equality and go after it and bring it home, because the reality is, we don’t have it and it is needed if the world is to be a better place.

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