New EU envoy’s in

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave greets European Union Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Mikael Barfod (right).

Mikael Barfod, the newly appointed European Union Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, presented his credentials to the Governor General of Barbados, Sir Elliott Bellegrave on October 23.

Barfod was educated in his native Denmark, where he gained an advanced degree in Political Science and Economics before later pursuing his Masters Degree in Government in the United Kingdom.

After a short stint in the Danish Central Administration, Barfod joined the United Nations, Food and Agricultural Organisation, where he worked as a senior programme officer and as a deputy FAO representative in Zambia and the Philippines respectively. He subsequently joined the European Union (then the European Commission) as economic adviser within the Delegations in Liberia and Zimbabwe.

Office post

After more than 11 years of field work Barfod joined EU headquarters in Brussels in 1993 where he was responsible for policies and strategies within the European Community Humanitarian Office. In 2001 he joined the European Commission’s Europe Aid Development Office (now Development and Cooperation) where he worked until his departure for Barbados. There he served in various management capacities including geographical responsibility for coordinating geographical assistance to the Caribbean and Africa, and his most recent position which saw him in charge of EU development assistance to Central and West Africa.

Barfod is married to Maxia D. Barfod, a British citizen who was born in Jamaica. The couple has two sons and a daughter.

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