Housing success story

The story of housing since 2008, when the new government took over, needs to be trumpeted. It is a success story; and one that should leave the BLP hanging their heads in shame, after the mess they left at the NHC, Warrens, Coverley, Bulkeley, and the housing sector in general.

Take a bow Michael Lashley, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, the NHC and the DLP! We are proud of your performance and achievements.

Look at the wonderful work done at Country Park Towers, Tweedside Road, Coverley, Work Hall, Ruby, Marchfield, Woodbourne, Foursquare, Six Roads, Lancaster, Cherry Grove, Vineyard, Parish Land, West Terrace, etc.

Now, drive through Brittons Hill and look at the magnificent structures that have graced Valery and Forde’s Road. One word aptly describes them – superb.

And do not forget the 500-lot programme, the very successful $5 per square foot low income land programme, and the NHC tenants of 20 years standing who have gotten their units free of cost.

This administration has built more housing units and came up with more practical housing solutions in four and a half years than the BLP built in their 14 years in office. In fact, what the BLP did can only be described as shameful and shocking – 48 housing units in 14 years – disgraceful. The hurriedly and ill-conceived plan by their housing minister at the time to construct hundreds of low income chattel houses at $40,000 each, never got past the two poorly built show houses – aka the lady bird and the humming bird coops.

On the other hand, this current administration, together with the private sector, is gradually reducing the long waiting list of prospective home owners; and doing it in a recession to boot. Wow!

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, Lashley, the NHC, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, RDC and UDC take another bow. We tip our hats to you. You have more than earned our respect and gratitude.

Our detractors and opponents have the gall to ask what we have to show for four and half years in office? Take that David Ellis, Patrick Hoyos, Peter Wickham, Albert Branford, Kaymar Jordan, Peter Simmons, Carl Moore, Harold Hoyte et al, your tag-team daily and weekly carping and offensive attacks cannot stand up to impartial scrutiny.

Where were all of you when the BLP was wasting VAT dollars, victimising civil servants and those private sector people who were not singing in Owen’s choir? Where were you when Owen was riding roughshod over the Opposition, the “negrocrats” (Yes Harold) and the “indentured servants”? Where were you when our fishermen were fined and jailed almost monthly in T&T? Where were you when zone 1 lands were changed to zone 2 to accommodate and allow certain big-shots to build their mansions? Where were you when the Eastry House dipsy-doodle went down?

Praise God for Freundel Stuart and the DLP. They have brought justice, conscientiousness, decency and honesty as well as true democracy back to government and the people.

— Stephen Williams

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