Highway restrictions


After almost two years of constant excavation, compacting, trenching and so much more, motorists are finally getting a glimpse of what the expanded southern of the Ronald Mapp highway will look like when completed.

With personnel from C.O. Williams construction preparing to install jersey barriers in the centre of the highway to separate traffic going in opposite directions, vehicles are now restricted to the newly paved outer lanes.

This is all taking place between the brow of Warrens Hill and the junction with Redman’s Village to the north, a stretch that encompasses a project that involves the construction of dual lane carriageways from the area opposite Simpson Motors all the way to Bagatelle, St. Thomas.

Persons using this stretch of roadway have been advised by the contractors of amended traffic flows, the most significant of which is the elimination of most right turns.

C.O. Williams noted: “South-bound traffic will be diverted onto the newly paved asphalt surface on the eastern side of the highway and the northern-bound traffic will be placed on the newly paved western corridor. Traffic from Warrens Heights will observe the new junction with the highway and will only be able to turn left while this operation is in progress.

“Those making an exit from Warrens Heights and wishing to travel south will use the temporary access road that will bring them to the brow at Warrens Hill where they can make the right turn.

“Similarly, if you are coming from Redman’s Village and wish to turn into Warrens Heights, you will need to go down to the brow of Warrens Hill and make the right turn there onto the access road (which we used for the detour before) and proceed along the detour into Warrens Heights.” (RRM)

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