Four shot at party

Partygoers leaving the university Halloween party.

LOS ANGELES — At least four people have been wounded in a shooting incident at a Halloween party at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

Campus news outlet Neon Tommy said the incident took place at 23:30 local time. Police confirmed that there were casualties.

Two suspects have been detained.

At least one suspect was briefly at large, but the university says the incident is over and the campus open. No students or staff were involved.

It had shut down the campus and urged students to stay away from the area immediately after the shooting.

Witnesses reported a “mob of people” fleeing from the main campus building.

Neon Tommy contributor Matt Hamilton told the website he was among crowds of people trying to get into the party when he heard at least four shots in quick succession.

He said police came quickly, as there were already patrols on the campus.

“Everyone started running. I saw a guy who was shot in the leg. He was limping and screaming for his friends to help him,” an unnamed witness said, quoted by the Los Angeles Times newspaper. (BBC)

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