Blown away

student talks about surprising csec result

by Latoya Burnham

No one could have been more surprised by her success than Ilona Loustric.

That it came in English Language would have been a feather in the Harrison College student’s cap, however unexpected.

While Loustric confessed that she has a love of language and reading, when she heard she had scored the highest in her CXC Composition in the region, it pretty much blew her off her feet.

“I was eating my breakfast. Originally I thought the two envelopes were bills or some other information for my parents. So I didn’t open them [immediately] and I actually forgot to give them to my dad.

“I remembered [Wednesday] morning and I took them out and I laid them on the table and I said, dad these are probably for you. I went to eat my breakfast and he opened them then he came and hugged me and said congrats.”

She said she was a bit confused and surprised by her father’s praise and it was only when she opened the envelope herself and read it out loud as her dad instructed that breakfast in the Loustrics’ Atlantic Shores household turned celebratory.

The reason it all came as a surprise, Loustric said was because they had heard unconfirmed reports at school about persons making it into the overall top ten at the school. Added to which, she had been told that at least one other student had beaten her score in English.

“We’d heard, I’m not sure if the information was 100 per cent accurate, but we had heard who came top in the year and such for Harrison College in the essays. We didn’t know the full top ten, but I did know that another girl had done better than I had. So this absolutely came as a total surprise.” Loustric’s essay, she said, was about a storm. The main character had been banished from his village, but while leaving heard about an approaching storm that had the potential to totally decimate the population.

As his loyalty to his people was still very strong, despite his banishment, he returned to try to save them. At first though, the town’s folk would not believe him, it was only when they started to feel the impact of the approaching storm that they were convinced, allowing the main character to save their lives.

Although Loustric confessed that she has been told she has a gift for storytelling and writing, she is still convinced that it is a “by-the-way” kinda talent and not one she could see herself doing professionally.

“I guess I’ve considered writing but not really, I just can’t see it.” Instead, she spends her free time hanging with friends, reading and drawing, or out on the water, surfing.

But her plans for her future are bright. It might not involve putting pen to paper in a traditional sense, but she is fascinated by architecture.

“Hopefully I can get back into sixth form here at Harrison College and then go on to university in Europe or America. I have always been interested in architecture and engineering. I am interested in eco-engineering. So I am interested in doing that,” said the 15-year-old lass.

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