An uncompetitive B’dos

Mr. Editor, you are on good ground in your Monday Editorial titled Time for answers as you frame such tough questions, but do not hold your breath for candid answers!

I am quite sure that collectively, our institutions and political parties have the ability to lead this beloved rock and its people, to a new, prosperous and sound future. But taken individually, our parties will always come to Bay Street with a hodge-podge of abilities, ambitions, and some undeniably crass behaviour/performance.

One of the main stumbling-blocks to any attempt we might consider at a coalition government, is you and me: as we have never yet given a chance to this “suspicious character”, our electorate is understandably very reluctant, but the need is now obvious, and urgent.

Simply put, our country has become uncompetitive to sustain our current acquired taste for “modern living”. We need to get back to cutting our “suits” according to the cloth available. Our competitors are not just our Caribbean siblings, but we are out there in the global ocean/market – and there be sharks all about.

Fretting about Trinny adventurers who “cherry-pick” our best private-sector fruits, or even sister EC$ countries, with far more attractive currency pegs, yields us nothing.

We all need to ask ourselves the question: As the “business-as-usual” model has clearly failed (read the “Guv’s” latest comments) how on earth can we possible rely upon the old, tired, and failed model of “politics as usual”, to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Or do we dust-off “politics of inclusion” once again?

For leadership going forward the next five years, we need every brave, innovative, experienced, and patriotic brain to assemble at Bay Street! Led by a leader, of course.

— Tony Webster

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