A prefect’s promise

The Prefects who will serve for the 2012 to 2013 academic year pose for a photo.

by Donna Sealy

Before parents, guardians and specially invited guests, 20 prefects this morning pledged to set good examples for their peers.

They also promised to help maintain discipline at Welches Primary School during the annual Prefects Investiture Ceremony, held in the hall of the St. Thomas school.

In her remarks, Principal Patricia Lovell admonished her charges to treat others the way they want to be treated.

She also told them to “bear in mind that your principal and teachers will support you” and “more importantly God will give you the courage and strength” to enable them to undertake their tasks.

In his address, Reverend Dr. Michael Clarke, spoke about the importance of knowing the purpose of the institution.

“In every institution, in every gathering, there’s always a leader or a group of persons who are asked to lead. And one of the primary things that is necessary for leaders is that the leaders clearly understand the purpose of the institution or the school or the organisation which he or she is being called on to lead.

This is important because when you are called on to lead in an organisation, you have to have a sense of where the organisation is going. What does it stand for, what it wants to accomplish, what it wants to see achieved,” he said.

In the case of the school, it was to prepare them for, and assist them with, lifelong learning.

The cleric told the prefects they should start their journey by asking how they would help make their school better, how they could make a contribution as a leader, and share the vision.

He further encouraged the young leaders not to bully their peers and the younger students, do not overstep their authority and be impartial in their dealings with all students, treating everyone fairly and equally.

He told the other students to respect their prefects.

Head Girl Ibriel Holder, Head Boy Odean Briscoe vowed to “be respectful, fair, truthful and to carry out [our] duties with responsibility, courage, dignity, loyalty and pride” while the Deputy Head Girl Zadeah Wickham and Deputy Head Boy Tashaine Connell said they would assist them in their duties and “set a good example to the students”.

Parents and guardians also pledged to be actively involved in their children’s lives.

The principal asked them, and they agreed “to maintain a home environment that is supportive, advocates values of the highest level; a relationship with the school that will ensure consistency in the standard of behaviour to help them uphold the school rules”. donnasealy@barbadostoday.bb

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