A place to unwind

Kris Clarke (left) and Russell Padmore of the band NexCyx were met by Ani at the door with a few laughs.

by Donna Sealy

It was Monday night, not a day when you think about heading out to party or unwind since it’s the beginning of the week.

But when I saw the e-invite from Seven On 7, the new Resto-Lounge in Dover, stating that NexCyx would be performing on what was billed Neo-Soul Monday I asked my colleagues Latoya and Kimberley to come with me.

It was “work” I told them; we should go cover it because “we’ll need something for our entertainment package”.

Kimberley did not go out but that was okay as I really enjoy Latoya’s company more.

I really wanted to check out the place after talking to General Manager Ryan Fields about it and I’m glad we did.

From the time we entered, we liked what we saw and spoke about returning next Monday or later this week.

Operations Manager Ani Chitbahal greeted us warmly and inviting us in. Then resident DJ Brian Moore told us to get comfortable in those black leather chairs that we absolutely loved. They just seemed to hug the body.

Fields, who spoke to us about the other plans he has from the restaurant, also showed the tablets that patrons would use to order their drinks, food and to signal for service. He spoke also about his Sunday brunch and delivery service.

Martinis were $5 all night long, but the daiquiris were nice too, and that’s all I will say about them.

The band was great and I’m not just saying that.

Mahalia was soulful as she went through her set during which she did covers of Jill Scott’s Golden, En Vogue’s Don’t let Go from the movie Set It Off, as well as Fever. Keyboardist Andre Clarke was in his zone touching those keys and seemed to be really enjoying the vibe as was Chadd on that drum.

Boy it was awesome! It was totally relaxing for those in the 30-plus age group — we did not have to worry about any patting or cranking teens. It was a nice cool vibe.

So should we look for you next Monday?


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