The leader’s role


Inspire others — that was the advice given to the prefects of St. George Primary School recently.

It was offered at the installation ceremony at the Glebe campus by Principal Orlando Jones, who admonished them to encourage the other boys and girls of whom they would be in charge.

“Work beside them, share with them and point them correctly,” Jones said. “Remember you are part of the great team here at St. George Primary School and so each member must play his/her part.

“You will now be required to live up to expectations of parents, teachers, friends and even yourselves. Therefore, always crave for excellence as our school’s motto, Strive For Perfection, forever stands before you.

“To this end, boys and girls, you are now entrusted with the mandate of leadership …, so lead well, lead carefully, but most of all, lead with God’s guidance. Choose obedience and respectfulness to be your watch words for they are some positive values to always uphold.”

Quoting a philosopher, the principal also told them: “Leadership empowers. Meaning, a leader inspires confidence and self esteem, and that inspiration comes in many flavours. Some leaders inspire by bold talk; others by soft talk; and others by their example.”

Jones told the team of young leaders, led by Head Girl Marissa Persuad, Head Boy Reniko Payne, Deputy Head Girl Chrishon Stuart and Deputy Head Girl Kiara Eversley, to enjoy their new roles in leadership. (DS)

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