Roving with water

Lashley, who conceptualised the cart, demonstrates its strength and capacity to fire officers.

The Barbados Fire Service was given a hand-up today when the Roving Response Team presented its new water truck which it says can aid the service in times of need.

Head of the Roving Response Team, Clive Lorde told Chief Fire Officer Wilfred Marshall this morning that the truck, which was the idea of a team member, was to assist fire officers should more water be needed on a scene.

He said discussion among the team members about boosting the capacity of the fire service to fight fires started about two years ago, and this morning they officially presented the cart to the fire service as a device that the Roving Team will use should it be requested.

“I wasn’t here, but it is my understanding that the chief indicated that the fire service was looking where possible to have some extra water power or water capacity. The Roving Response Team took it upon themselves to quietly develop this water cart which you see here and through the initiative primarily of our Dennis Lashley, this water cart was conceptualised and has been out there supporting the fire service on a number of occasions,” Lorde told Chief Marshall this morning.

He noted that it was the philosophy and objective of the team to help the various emergency services in the execution of their mandates, but noted that they did not see themselves as taking over or overshadowing the roles in any way.

“It is part of our community efforts to be able to respond, therefore this water cart which has a 200 gallon capacity has been developed. It is a great pleasure that we present this to you this morning. In the past we have had some training with the Barbados Fire Service, things like the training of ladders, running of hoses and so on and I am sure that going forward we can discuss some other aspects that we as volunteers can be trained in and be able to support the Barbados Fire Service,” said the team leader.

Marshall commended the team on the initiative adding that he understood the cart had already been satisfactorily pressed into service on one or two occasions.

“Therefore we look forward in the future that whenever similar occasions occur, you will have our backs and we will have your backs. I am also aware that there are certain protocols in place, certain contact persons and that information is already in our control. “I would just encourage the officers, whenever our backs are against the wall and looking for some assistance, an additional source, that we know where we can find such assistance,” said the Fire Chief.

The Roving Response Team then gave the service a demonstration of the capabilities of the cart, with team member Harcourt Hinkson adding that it had a capacity of about 250-odd gallons, and could also pump water from flooded basement areas as well. (LB)

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