Mottley: Transport Board bleeding

The Transport Board is “bleeding” financially, despite receiving $230 million in support over the last four years.

And St. Michael North East MP Mia Mottley wants Government to outline its plans for the entity, and to outline the full state of its finances.

She was speaking in the House of Assembly this evening as Parliamentarians debated the guarantee of millions of dollars in financial support for the Transport Board.

“The Transport Board over the course of the last four years has taken $230 million since this Government has been in office … and yet there has been no rapid effort to bring the financial affairs of the Transport Board to a certain regular state of health,” the former Opposition Leader said.

“Even forget the Government and even forget the Opposition, the public of Barbados needs to address these issues in their own deliberate way and to pass a judgment on it because we only act in here on behalf and in trust of the people of Barbados and the people need to know what is being done in their name, and the people need to express their views in respect of what is being done in their name, and the people need to point the direction of the future.

“You cannot ask us to keep commiting to new expenditure without knowing the extent to which we are liable for existing liabilities. The accumulated deficit at the end of March 2009 was $436 million, … with a shareholder deficit of just shy of $40 million,” she added.

Mottley urged Minister of Transport and Works John Boyce to tell the public what the true financial state of the Transport Board was.

She said Government had not presented recent financial reports from the organisation saying the 2007 and 2008 reports were the last to be laid in the Lower House.

“This honourable ought to be able to make a sensible judgment on whether this is a guarantee that the Government of Barbados ought to be supported based on a full and frank disclosure from the minister as to the updated position in relation to the Transport Board, last audited accounts, and then even those unaudited … he will get as minister from the board meetings,” Mottley stated. (SC)

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  1. Owen July 16, 2013 at 11:36 am

    I, Neither B nor D, but if you win (barely) by 2 seats after promises you knew were not practical, you must bite the bullet. You frightened the old people by telling them they will loose their free travel and you knew your promise not to send home any public servant was unrealistic.
    you can save the day by continuing to put your statutory board employees on a 3 o 4 day week, or do a 8% Sandi


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